Tip Top Replacement Repair Kit

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 If you have a tip top ring that has popped out or been damaged, no problem, it's an easy fix. We will do our best to replace your old tip with a similar tip. In some cases, older models have been discontinued and parts are limited but we will provide the closest match as possible. 

**You will receive a packet of TWO replacement tips with different sizes. This will help you choose the tip that best fits your rod model and have one for a spare.

KISTLER has moved away from the tiny Micro guides and is replacing those with MACRO (bigger than micro) or even Conventional sizes) due to the stronger nature of the larger frame, ring and gluing surface area. 

Based on the power rating of your rod, this will determine what size we send you to replace your damaged tip.

Using the variations below to help you select the best size and color option for your rod.

Medium-Lite and Medium Power Rods = 1ML - 2M

Lite / Medium-Heavy and Medium-Heavy Power Rods = 3LMH - 4MH

Heavy and Extra-Heavy Power Rods = 5H - 6XH

Ex. My damaged rod label shows that the power rating is a Medium-Heavy and the tip frame color is black. 

Answer: Select the 3LMH-4MH and Black option which will place your order for the item number NEWTIP-3LMH-4MH-BLACK

When you order your new replacement tip kit, we will have included the hot melt glue inside pieces inside the baggie so that you can quickly replace yourself using instructions below:

    • Heat up old tip barrel 10 seconds. Then is plenty of heat when a hot melt glue has been used to affix your tip to your rod.  
    • Push old tip off with a pencil in the direction parallel to the graphite blank.
    • If that didn't work it is because there is epoxy glue inside tip barrel so then just reheat tip barrel for an additional 15 seconds and then you should notice a little smoke (this is normal).
    • Push old tip off with a pencil in the direction parallel to the graphite blank.
    • Clean up the blank with a razor blade making it ready for new tip.
    • Insert the hot melt glue into the barrel of the tip top.
    • Hold new tip around the ring between index finger and thumb.
    • Heat up barrel with cigarette lighter for only 5 seconds.
    • Push tip barrel over graphite blank and align ring with first guide.
    • Feel free to reheat if needed for only 4 seconds if realignment is needed or if you need to push down further onto the rod blank.
    Now Go Fishing!!!


Size 1ML-2M